Best-in-class customer experience on every project

Flat World Hospitality Services

visibility / flexibility / service / budget

we provide our clients with a best-in-class customer experience on every project

Flat World Hospitality Services, through strategic partnerships with Flat World Supply Chain and Ram International, provides optimum solutions to challenging projects through the use of cutting edge logistics technology. Flat World Hospitality Services is a consumer-driven company that combines a high level of visibility to FF&E and OSE goods from issuance of the purchase order to installation at the job site with proven cost containment strategies. We enhance our client’s productivity, profitability, performance and marketplace competitiveness.

Visibility, service, flexibility, and budget are at the forefront of every project, and everything we do is designed to deliver a superior customer experience.

We believe in a culture of excellence built on a foundation of continuous improvement. We know how fast global supply chains change, and the importance of keeping track of goods throughout the entire life cycle of a shipment, increase visibility and efficiency, and making your supply chain a competitive advantage.

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