Flat World Hospitality Services will provide our clients with a best-in-class customer experience on every project

We are continuously improving our products and services so you can continuously improve yours.

Our project management software is cloud based, proprietary and 100% customizable. HIVE was built by a team of programmers at Prologue Technology, a Flat World Holdings company, which allows us to stay at the forefront of new technology solutions. Our HIVE software takes a complex project and reduces it to an easy-to-use platform. With the help of our technology and our team, Flat World Hospitality can let you expand at the speed of business, with no missed details and no surprises.


Our Reports page give you access to reports that provide details from the PO level through installation. Most reports are available in excel format or PDF. In some cases your company logo can be added to the report, saving you time and energy recreating your PSR. In addition, these reports are built in-house. If you do not see the report you need, just ask, if we have the data we can create the report!

Project Management

The Project Manager tab is the main hub for budget and PO information. Here we have several tools to insure you always have the information you need. Our platform will give you a snapshot of the original bid and the current spend so there are no surprises at close out. You have access to all PO information, including ready dates, follow up notes, tracking details, and hard copy PO’s regardless of stage.


The Inbound tab houses your transportation data. You can find details on shipments regardless of whether they are waiting to be picked up, in route, or have already been delivered. Each BOL hyperlink will provide you with shipper, consignee, carrier, pro, current status, tracking details, eta, and item spec details. In addition, you have access to the hard copy, BOL, Packing List, Proof of Delivery and Signed Receiving Report if applicable.


The outbound tab is your warehouse inventory module. You can easily see the exact inventory at any given time. Our system is kept up-to-date within 24 hours of receipt or delivery. You can trust the information you are seeing is accurate and real-time. The outbound tab allows you to access hard copy signed delivery tickets.


Our Installation tab is ensures the final stage of your project runs just as smooth as the first. Here you will find pre and post punch data, as well as a comprehensive list of final punch items. This data is fed directly to HIVE from our onsite installation crew through the use of our proprietary platform. No more paper logs, just real-time data allowing us to react quickly to insure an on-time, stress free installation!

Invoice Manager

The invoice manager tab allows you to access invoice data for all transportation, warehouse and installation services. FWH offers many invoice options: consolidated statement, transactional, pre-funded, and locked in CoG. Let us know which method best suits your business!