Flat World Hospitality Services will provide our clients with a best-in-class customer experience on every project

Choice, visibility, service, and budget are always at the forefront of every project. Flat World Hospitality Services, through strategic partnerships with Flat World Supply Chain and Ram International, provides optimum solutions to challenging projects through the use of cutting edge logistics technology. Flat World Hospitality Services is a consumer-driven company that combines a high level of visibility to FF&E and OS&E goods from issuance of the purchase order to installation at the job site with proven cost containment strategies, all designed to deliver a superior customer experience. We strive to enhance our client’s productivity, profitability, performance and marketplace competitiveness.

We learn from experience

And Strive for excellence

Purchase Order Management

While we do not handle any purchasing in house, we do assist our customers team in managing all PO’s which gives their team more time to deal with other tasks!  We do this by uploading your PO’s to our online cloud based software.  We then contact each supplier to make sure they have received your PO, find out the lead-time and insure your goods will be ready to meet your required date.  All of this data is entered into our system (HIVE) and available for our customers 24 hours a day.  In addition, we send out customized reports once a week with all pertinent information regarding your projects and the PO Statuses.

Purchase Order Dashboard Our PO Management team works as an extension of our customer team saving our customers valuable time and money!
Freight Management

FWH handles all types of freight; small package, LTL, full truckloads, rail, expedited, international ocean and international air. When your purchase orders are ready, we route them via the most cost effective service that meets the needs for your individual project and purchase order.  We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to maintaining your freight budget and your project delivery schedule.  Once the pickup is scheduled, we send an auto-generated alert to you letting you know that your shipment has departed, it references your tag number, quantity and description so that there is no wondering what has shipped.  Once the goods deliver, we send a second alert letting you know delivery is complete providing POD name, date and time.  This data is all also available online, via EDI or electronic transfer direct to your system or via specialized reporting.

Freight Management Whether your project requires an on-time delivery or standard freight solutions we have what it takes to make it successful!
Warehouse Management

Warehouse solutions are offered in all major markets, whether it be through our extensive network of agents or via our owned assets. Each warehouse is put through an extensive vetting process to ensure that they are up to our standards and able to execute operational excellence. All warehouse inventory is up to date, available to you 24 hours a day via the web. Original PO side markings and descriptions are used - making the delivery request streamlined and accurate.

Warehouse Management Software Warehouse Inventory is available 24 hours a day via our web based proprietary software, the HIVE!
Installation Management

FWH offers installation of Fixture, Furniture and Equipment (FFE) and Operational Supplies and Equipment (OSE), giving us a true turnkey solution for our customers. FWH now handles our pre and post punches electronically via IPad to insure up to date installation status available to our customers.  This also creates a comprehensive punch list to insure all parties are working from one master punch list to complete each project on time. In addition, FWH now places a Flat World employee on each full installation.  We utilize traveling crews capable of handling more than 20-30 installations at any given time.  We use these crews for installation to insure the highest quality install on all of our projects.  Our installation crews are available in select markets.

Innovative Installation Management Application Our new way to streamline communication, ensuring the project is on track and everyone has the most accurate information.
Claims Management

Flat World has an entire team dedicated to claims resolution. We also offer our customers a unique reorder program designed to alleviate the additional hardship related to the reorder of damaged good. We are proud to say that less than 1% of shipments have resulted in an OSD claim.

Excellent Claims Record LESS THAN 1% of shipments have resulted in an OSD Claim!

proven results

97% on-time performance Transportation Management.
5% - 7% CoG Transportation Savings vs 7% - 10% Industry Standard
10% - 20% Warehouse Savings Using Flat World Hospitality P.O. Management and Routing
Installation Savings Flat World has never missed an install deadline.